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[Routing] - MPBGP route avertissent

  • 1.  [Routing] - MPBGP route avertissent

    Posted 01-13-2023 11:20
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    Hi everyone , 

    I'm currently working on a subject that's a little bit tricky, and i've decided to share the problematic with the community. 

    The Platforms evolved are all Juniper MX-104 with JunOS V17.1R3.6 on all fo them. 

    Study Case: 

    On R1,  the LAN 1 is advertised in the two L3PVN Instances (Green and Blue).

    On the other side, we have the R2, that's carrying the L3VPN Instance (Orange). Taking under consideration other requirments, this instance has to mutulise the routes imported form the Green VRF and the Blue VRF. 

    However, the route imported from the VRF Green and VRF Blue is pointing the same LAN (LAN 1). This mean that in the  routing-table of the VRF Orange, we have the same LAN annoced form two different VPNs in routing-table. 

    Questions : 

    - How could we influence/distinguish at the imoport level of R2, between the same LAN(LAN1) imoported from the two VRFs Green and Blue and make the correspondance with the LAN2 and LAN3  ? 
    - How could we make sure that in case of faillure of one of the VRFs in the router R1, the LAN 2/3 will communicates with LAN 1 that's not impacted by the incident ?  

    Looking formward to hear about your propopasals !