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Make Vlan availible on low end Router

  • 1.  Make Vlan availible on low end Router

    Posted 08-29-2023 11:20

    Good day,

    We have a customer with and srx320.
    There is a ipsec tunnel to a 3th party connected to 1 vlan at the customers site. (other party simply have 1 route to that subnet)

    they have an external warehouse for 2 months. and need 1 wireless device to be connected to the 3th party.
    The problem is that the warehouse is really big. and running cables etc doesn't make sense for the 2 months.

    So our plan is to add a battery powered router with an 4G sim.  during lunch and night the battery will charge. 

    only problem is that the 3th party isn't really helpful. (they offered an $10K solution. and are disappointed that we don't want that)

    I was thinking. to use a Teltonika (aka openwrt) or an draytek or another cheap 4/5G router. to create a tunnel to the main office. 

    Only problem is that we need the wireless device to comminicate trough the local vlan.

    Juniper Supports Q-in-Q  Teltonika Supports EoIP Both should do the trick. but as far as i can see both brands don't support the same protocol.

    they both support GRE but i am not sure if that is going to help.

    Is it possible to let the wireless device > Teltonika > Ipsec > srx and then nat in the local vlan?

    does someone have an creative idea?