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MACsec support on QFX5120-48Y (not YM)

  • 1.  MACsec support on QFX5120-48Y (not YM)

    Posted 07-26-2023 06:15

    Dear community,

    Can anyone tell me if using MACsec on a QFX5120-48Y is possible and supported?

    I noticed that there is a special MACsec model, the QFX5120-48YM, which has the ability to use MACsec with AES256 on all ports. But does this mean that the QFX5120-48Y is not capable at all, or it is but not on all ports (at the same time), or maybe not with AES256 but with AES128?

    The Juniper Feature Explorer only lists 'Source MAC filtering on aggregated Ethernet interfaces' when searching for MACsec related entries for QFX5120-48Y.  All other MACsec related entries require QFX5120-48YM.

    The device seems to accepts the configuration rules, but is not yet licensed. So I doubt whether buying a license will do, or whether we should swap our QFX5120-48Y for a QFX5120-48YM. Who knows the exact situation? Anyone got this working on QFX5120-48Y?

    Thanks in advance.