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  • 1.  Load Balancing

    Posted 02-19-2023 12:07


    I have an SSR sitting behind two satellite terminals, and I would like to load balance traffic over these two links on a per packet basis. The purpose is to "bond" the two links to capitalize on the full available bandwidth for large file transfers that occur in a single session.  These satellite connections are layer-3 paths. 

    I have configured a neighborhood and have two equal vectors assigned. The SSR behind the satellites is an out-bound only spoke, and it receives default route from the neighborhood's hub using the Internet service.  The Service Policy load balancing strategy is set to proportional, and the selection criteria is vector (both with the same priority).

    I am seeing some load balancing, but it is not evenly distributed by any means. Is there a way to load balance a single session, and can this be done without forcing traffic through a neighborhood hub router?



    Ken P