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  • 1.  Load Balance traffic across links with different bandwidth

    Posted 05-19-2022 18:26
    Hi guys,

    We have a customer that have 3 links connected in a SSR whitebox, one link have 200 Mbps and the other ones have 100 Mbps.

    Customer wants to send twice the traffic into the higher link than the smaller ones.

    The caveat here is that all links are coming into a single tagged interface

    It´s possible to load balance like that considering that all links met the sla?




  • 2.  RE: Load Balance traffic across links with different bandwidth

    Posted 11-16-2022 14:23
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    Yes, it is possible.
    One way that you can do it:
    1. Define each link as separate Vector, so you would have 3 Vectors: WAN1, WAN2 and WAN3
    2. Configure Service Policy where you will add 3 Vectors with Priorities:
    - WAN1 (200 Mbps) with priority 200
    - WAN2 (100 Mbps) with priority 400
    - WAN3 (100 Mbps) with priority 400

    3. Create a Service and assign the Service Policy from previous point

    The priority of the vector is opposite to the vector weight, so in the example if there are 1000 sessions, 500 sessions will go to first link, 250 sessions will go to second and 250 to the third link.
    Statistically, the distribution will be very close to the desired distribution.

    I'm attaching configuration from my lab with my distribution in one of my policies.

    Hope it helps.


    Ivan Stanev