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  • 1.  JNCIE-DC Self-Study Lab Issues

    Posted 09-12-2022 10:10

    I am experiencing many reachability issues in the lab environment, especially from the dual-homed servers.

    For instance:
    At the end of the Overlay chapter, servers should have full intra DC reachability. (To test, you can simply load final configuration option 22)
    From VR1 (DC1)
    ping routing-instance server1-v100 (Success)
    ping routing-instance server1-v101 (Success)
    ping routing-instance server1-v100 (Failure)
    From VR2 (DC2)
    ping routing-instance server5-v100 (Success)
    ping routing-instance server5-v101 (Success)
    ping routing-instance server5-v100 (Failure)

    I cannot find the cause of this problem, everything looks good in the route tables. Disabling a link of the multihomed ESI does not make a change.

    This issue also occurs on the final labs.

    Has anyone encountered this issue?


  • 2.  RE: JNCIE-DC Self-Study Lab Issues

    Posted 09-12-2022 16:25
    For anyone interested,

    This is the response I got from support:

    We checked with our development group and found that in this JNCIE-DC Self-Study Bundle lab environment, this is one of the known issues of the vQFX forwarding plane and can occur on various neighbors and mainly occurs in inter-tenant traffic. As of now, there is no alternative, but we are continuously looking for ways to improve it.  You can check the learned MAC addresses on the QFXs to see if they are actually learning the various device MAC addresses (we saw that we could see the MAC address even when the pings would not work 100% of the time).  Our apologies for the issue, but please note that in the real exam, the score is taken considering the case that some inter-tenant pings do not work.

    Very good to know... Some ping inconsistencies are therefore expected in the lab and the exam environment.

    Felix Fafard

  • 3.  RE: JNCIE-DC Self-Study Lab Issues

    Posted 05-15-2024 06:26

    Hello team,

    May we know this issue is already fixed or we need to accept some failure in forwarding plane in real exam environment?



  • 4.  RE: JNCIE-DC Self-Study Lab Issues

    Posted 05-15-2024 10:03


    Unfortunately the issue is still present and doesn't have a fix at this time.

    Josh Verhaal
    Certification and Courseware developer @ Juniper Networks