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  • 1.  EX ELS interface all edge

    Posted 03-15-2023 08:11


    How can I configure all interfaces with family ethernet-switching, to be rstp "edge" and make exception on uplink ae0 interface? It was possible on non-ELS switches. But for ELS, behavior is still (even after adding possiblity to use statement "interface all" few years ago) , after years, a bit different. Also when comparing different usage of interface all in junos.  I believe that stating "interface ae0" should override "interface all" under rstp;

    All interfaces should send RSTP BPDUs, but ae0 should not be shut down when BPDU is received (put to BPDU-incon state)

    I want to have very simple and clean configuration like you see below . Without naming all interfaces, without using groups or interface ranges or Enhancement request. :)

    user@switch> show configuration protocols rstp 
    interface ae0;  <---- i don't want this to be EDGE
    interface all { <----- everything else, except ae0, should be EDGE and so "shutdown" port in case BPDU is received



    user@switch> show configuration protocols layer2-control 
    bpdu-block {
        disable-timeout 10;

    Thank you