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  • 1.  Alarms generated by MPC4E-3D-32XGE-SFPP, need advice...

    Posted 03-23-2023 09:02

    We have a Juniper MPC4E-3D-32XGE-SFPP that has been performing fine for the last two years but is starting to generate alarm messages in the logs:

    This error comes up every minute or so:

    fpc10 Error: /fpc/10/pfe/0/cm/0/PQ3_Chip/0/CMERROR_PQ3_DDR_1_BIT_MINOR (0x160001), scope: board, category: memory, severity: minor, module: PQ3 Chip, type: PQ3 DDR single bit minor error

    This error comes up frequently, between 2 to 15 minutes apart:

    chassisd[17838]: CHASSISD_FPC_ASIC_ERROR: <FPC 10> ASIC Error detected errorno 0x00160001 (null)

    I'm guessing that the errors are related, but I can't find any information on the second message.  Has anyone see this before?

    Bob Crossman

  • 2.  RE: Alarms generated by MPC4E-3D-32XGE-SFPP, need advice...

    Posted 12-04-2023 19:38

    Hello Bob, For that alarm we have this KB,

    if you get the alarm port restart the fpc, please open a JTAC case