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  • 1.  ACX7100-32C RIB/FIB size

    Posted 04-24-2023 10:31
    Edited by spuluka 04-25-2023 06:33

    Hi everyone, 

    For some reason i can't find any info regarding the actual RIB/FIB size for Juniper ACX7100-32C device. 

    I'm curious if it's possible to have two full-view routing  tables there with approx. 1.2M FIB entries 

    The other thing that i'm interested in is if the device supports the route compression mechanism starting from some new JunOS version? The latest info i've read was: 

    "Today, the first routers to natively support the features are the PTX powered by Express 4 chipset and running Junos EVO:

    LC1201 and LC1202 line cards in PTX10000 chassis

    Other platforms based on Junos EVO will implement the same algorithm soon." 

    And yes, my PTX device support the feature by default, but again, no updates if it's available for ACX 

    Thanks in advance!