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  • Hi Everyone, We are excited to share that Juniper is expanding its AI Data Center solutions to quickly deploy high-performing AI training and inference networks that are flexible to design and easier to manage with limited IT resources. ...

  • I have the following topolog My issue is: The receiver ( ) reports group CE and RR have PIM join for all the 3 source subnets, but QFX10008 has only PIM join sourcing from, no sourcing from 10.146.32.x/24 and ...

  • From <route-type>:<RD>::<esi>::<route-specific>/304 For example: Autodiscovery route per Ethernet segment- 1: ...

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    RE: Juniper Apstra

    Hi Piotr, I recommend you open a JTAC case with Apstra support for help. ------------------------------ Kyle Baxter ------------------------------

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    Juniper Apstra

    Hello, trying to understand what`s going on with this... application. Issue by issue. I understand that device profile does not suit to interface names on the virtual vJunEvo. Ok - so I change it under device profile with et-0/0/< display_id ...

  • Hi, According to documentation, MX supports both VXLAN and MPLS encapsulation for EVPN. However, under DCI, I don't see vrf-target and route-distinguisher for DCI itself. This is different from the regular vrf-target and route-distinguisher, belonging ...


  • Introducing AI-Native Networking

    With the right data, the right real-time responses, and the right infrastructure, our industry-first AINative Networking Platform delivers simplicity, productivity, and performance.

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