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  • Hi everyone I just received in test two EX2200-48P-4G. The problem is that traffic isn't flowing in the switch. I resetted the switch and updated to latest Junos 12.3R12.4 I found for this switch, gained access to the webpage, tried to configure another ...

  • Configuring it in Juniper vLabs with VQFX switches, but no luck here :( The issue is probably related to this: Anyone has tried PVLAN on vQFX ? | Switching (juniper.net) Juniper devices supporting PVLANs: Private VLANs (PVLANs) | Juniper Networks ...

  • We would like to be able to have our switches react to events on our UPSes. Example:" If UPS has less than 5 min of battery left, power down the switch. " We would have other commands for other UPS events. I just don't know how to pass an event into ...

  • I am unable to ping both layer two switches or devices at same time from 2 mx480 from both ends. I can configure 1 native VLAN , unable to configure two native vlans in the port connecting these devices. Please I need possible solution with commands, ...

  • On the face of it, this seems likely to be a configuration error, as we use AE links on the uplinks between our 3400 access switches and our QFX core switches all the time. So, perhaps you could list your configurations for the ports involved, and the ...

  • LABSTACK-4100> show log messages | match ge-2/0/21 Jul 19 11:03:57 LABSTACK-4100 fpc2 ifd ge-2/0/21; Ether get info vector error (100) Was checking logs earlier monitoring port flaps and troubleshooting them started getting this. Any ideas?

  • what is this output for the 3400 and the 5120-vc? show lacp int ae0 ------------------------------ - Aaron ------------------------------


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