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Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.


Discover how to get the most of Juniper labs and share what you've built.

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  • Hello Art, Thank you for the answer and explanation, much appreciated! ------------------------------ ALLEN TYSON ------------------------------

  • Hey Allen - vJunosEvolved is a PTX platform, so GE interfaces are not supported. It's all ET and unchannelized, they are programmatically treated as 400G interfaces (tho obviously in SW it doesn't run fast - regardless of the interface speed setting in ...

  • Hello Everyone :) Quick question, do I need to modify the YAML file for vJunosEvolved to allow 1g interfaces in EVE-NG? I tried just changing the configuration from the Junos CLI and that doesn't seem to be working. Thanks! ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: GNS3

    Hi @ RICARDO MACHIN , U can PM me if u interest to rent the server with ready image. In other word u just setup your own topology only. Thanks

  • You'd need to enable HyperV on windows - I don't think libvirt is supported on Windows, so you'd need to model it for HyperV kinda based on what you see from the QEMU command line ... we used to run this on Azure which is a special variant of HyperV tho ...

  • thank you , any chance that we can run those vJunos Switch and vJunos Router on a Windows 11 box, if so how ? Thank you ------------------------------ RICARDO MACHIN ------------------------------

  • Yep you can use AMD - we didn't document it cuz we actually don't have access to any AMD servers here, but anecdotally folks who got it to work have indicated it works, but you need to change the Inte CPU options to their AMD equivalents: ...

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