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  • Hello all! A have srx345 behind home SOHO router and want to have remote access to it via SSH, and I also want to change the default port to 22022. But I encountered some problems already in local network with ping, ssh and "monitor traffic interface" ...

  • Hi All, My SRX300 all the time goes in Panic. unable to get CLI or SHELL command mode. below is log details. loader> reboot Resetting... SPI stage 1 bootloader (Build time: May 3 2016 - 23:48:30) early_board_init: Board type: SRX_300 U-Boot ...

  • You would need to configure destination nat and a matching security policy to permit the traffic. An example with explanation is here. ...

  • There is a whole hierarchy of operational commands to check on nat status under: show security nat ? First there are 3 kinds of nat destination, source and static (where an address is mapped to another one for both source and destination) So you ...

  • We have a request like below, This is the new NAT IP that client has shared for the connectivity between the client server and another DC. Nat IP -----> This is the Image, could you ...

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    RE: Compatibility Matrix

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Juniper Secure Connect | Juniper Networks requires 20.3R1 or later

  • Sorry, I was looking at the wrong vlan. So irb.102 is up/up in the status above. So the reason ping is not working will have to do with the default source address for the ping on the switch and the reachability of the vlan itself from there. If you ...


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