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  • Hello, Brijil. Here you are the traces. Thank you in advance! ------------------------------ GEORGI DONKOV ------------------------------

  • Can you get me the traces please ? lets have a look in that as well. ------------------------------ Brijil R ------------------------------

  • Hello, Brijil. The command > show security flow session destination-prefix destination-port 83 shows that there is no traffic reaching the SRX. There are 0 sessions created when trying to access the server. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello, Ben! I updated the security policy, just left the dynamic-application: any, because it said that either dynamic application or application should be defined in a policy. Now the security policy looks like this: from -zone untrust to -zone ...

  • Close -- but try this and let us know. from-zone untrust to-zone trust { policy server-access { match { source-address any; destination-address port-83; } then { ...

  • Hello Georgi, Did we confirm if the traffic is reaching the SRX in first place? Please see if sessions are getting created when trying to access the server: > show security flow session destination-prefix destination-port 83 ...

  • Thank you for answering! So here is my configuration so far: destination { pool port-83 { address port 80; } rule-set rs1 { from zone untrust; rule Forwarding { match { destination-address ...

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