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Ask questions and share experiences about EX and QFX portfolios and all switching solutions across your data center, campus, and branch locations.

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  • Hi, My provider-style configuration on EX. EX4300-1> show configuration interfaces ge-1/0/8 description "UNI: Customer1"; flexible-vlan-tagging; native-vlan-id 206; encapsulation extended-vlan-bridge; unit 0 { vlan-id 206; } EX4300-1> show ...

  • Since the S vlan is the outer most tag the intermediate switch ex2 can use standard vlan configurations and pass the s tag vlan across the switch between ex1 and ex2. ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador IP Architect ...

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    Question on Q-in-Q on EX

    Hi. Consider an L2 provider topology using EX switches as follows. CE-1 ----------------- EX-1 ---- EX-2---- EX-3 ----------------- CE-2 EX-1 is a provider edge bridge and so adds a customer-specific S-tag to the frames coming in from CE-1. ...

  • Switch last 5 ports support 10-G support you can insert last port and check . ------------------------------ Syed Yasir ------------------------------

  • In a continued effort to streamline the RMA process, we have launched new questions/workflows when opening a JTAC ticket that enables you to initiate an RMA on your own. Below is a video walkthrough of the enhanced Self-Service RMA process. Feel free ...

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  • Thank you - I'm thinking it is the no-auto-negotiate issue, however I do not have administrative access to the ISP hardware. That being said, I see the PR that was listed is almost 1 year old, and that as of 3 days ago, Juniper's recommended release ...

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    RE: EX4100 - PIC1 and PIC2 require 10G?

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Thanks you - I also noticed the PR advising to disable auto-negotiate is almost 1 year old, also that Juniper's recommended firmware release is now: 22.4R3-S2. I will attempt to upgrade ...


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