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  • The basic point of having QoS is to prioritize traffic when they hit links that will be over capacity so you make sure the right flow is first in line or that a big flow does not kill everything else. In the network you describe where this is only configured ...

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hi, I'm trying to better understand how CoS is applied on the network and at which nodes in the network they're meant to be configured. Currently, the network I'm trying to tweak is composed ...

  • We just moved our HQ, updated the SRX's and EX devices to their respect JUNOS 21.4R3 recommended versions. Everything works fine. Ran the request system snapshot slice alternate on the SRX345's, no problems. Tried to do the same for the EX4600 ...

  • I had a recent issue with a new setup and connectivity issues. After looking further I found an arp entry in the switch for an interface with a mac of a different device, external to the switch infrastructure. I have no idea how that happened. I did ...

  • Thanks for the reply, That explains everything. So the YM seems to be either DAC in the QSFP ports or optical only otherwise. ------------------------------ JOHN TRETHEWEY ------------------------------

  • Hi, Yes, you can classify the traffic on the edge port by source/destination IP/port, DSCP values, etc. The problem is that there is no term 2 in the firewall-filter, so all the L2 traffic (ARP, broadcast,etc.) are dropped by default. Can you please ...

  • Harry, Thanks for the reply, at my site we are running 23.2R1.13 and at another site 23.1R1.8 ------------------------------ JOHN TRETHEWEY ------------------------------


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