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Addressing a Conductor Warning about Number of Concurrent Active Users 

02-29-2020 12:11

If you get a message like this one in your 128T conductor node, when logging into conductor PCLI

persistentDataManager:Session <user:admin, id:419> exceeds the netconf session limit of 4 for the 128T product. System performance is likely to be degraded.

here are some steps to help troubleshoot and mitigate this situation:

This warning indicates that there are too many users logged into conductor.  The default warning threshold is set to 4 logins.  This is tracked to prevent performance degradation.  The warning is adjustable, but I wouldn’t set it much higher, especially in versions of conductor <4.2.X.

To analyze the existing logins, first list out all the logins with the following command (with output below):

[root@SDWAN-Conductor1 ~]# ps -eaf | grep pdmTransportAgent

admin 2092 2079 0 2019 ? 00:17:00 /usr/bin/pdmTransportAgent
admin 10786 10758 0 Feb18 ? 00:00:45 /usr/bin/pdmTransportAgent
admin 12171 12158 0 2019 ? 00:16:21 /usr/bin/pdmTransportAgent
root 14917 13318 0 13:48 pts/7 00:00:00 grep --color=auto pdmTransportAgent
admin 25800 25785 0 2019 ? 00:32:24 /usr/bin/pdmTransportAgent
admin 26213 26212 0 Feb19 ? 00:00:30 /usr/bin/pdmTransportAgent --startup-log-level Info
admin 30898 30870 0 2019 ? 00:15:10 /usr/bin/pdmTransportAgent
admin 31519 31506 0 Jan03 ? 00:12:23 /usr/bin/pdmTransportAgent

Notice that a lot of these are very old, even going back to 2019. I would occasionally clean this up by using the “kill -9 <pid>” command (no need to kill the process that was launched with the "--startup-log-level info" option.  For example, after running a few kill commands on this particular system a few times, the output of the ps command looks a lot better:

[root@SDWAN-Conductor1 ~]# ps -eaf | grep pdmTransportAgent
root 17422 13318 0 13:56 pts/7 00:00:00 grep --color=auto pdmTransportAgent
admin 26213 26212 0 Feb19 ? 00:00:30 /usr/bin/pdmTransportAgent --startup-log-level Info

If you issue the same command with an additional parm as such:

ps -eaf | grep pdmTransportAgent | wc -l

you’ll get the total process count without the actual process records.

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