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  • 1.  WebUI, ping, etc. on two interfaces

    Posted 10-27-2010 14:07

    I have three interfaces set up on my SSG140

    Ethernet1: local subnet

    Ethernet2: ISP A

    Ethernet3: ISP B


    Ethernet 2 and 3 are setup identically, besides for the ip addresses. both have management, webui, ping etc. enabled.


    Problem is that i could only access the WebUI, ping etc. from one of the two ISP interfaces at a time. when they are both up (and traffice to hosts behind the firewall flows through both interfaces ok), the WebUI, ping etc. will only respond from one of the interfaces. when i take one link down, the other interface starts responding to WebUI, ping etc. traffic.


    any ideas?


  • 2.  RE: WebUI, ping, etc. on two interfaces
    Best Answer

    Posted 10-28-2010 13:52

    Put the  below commands then try again :

    set flow mac-cache mgt



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  • 3.  RE: WebUI, ping, etc. on two interfaces

    Posted 10-31-2010 18:01

    Add two default routes in the routing table with the same preference of 20 , but add the one first which you want to make the primary and then add the later one.


    set route int <primary-int> gateway <gateway-1>

    set route int <secondary-int> gateway <gateway-2>



    Enable all the management options on both the interfaces.. management should run fine.