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  • 1.  Jflow counters

    Posted 11-04-2021 20:16
    Does anyone know how to clear the 'services accounting flow inline-jflow' counters? I have tried using the obvious 'clear services accounting flow inline-jflow' but the output still shows non-zero values.

    admin@lab> clear services accounting flow inline-jflow
    !!!WARNING!!! You are initiating to clear all live flows.
    !!!WARNING!!! Service will be paused till all flows are cleared.
    !!!WARNING!!! Please check status using 'show services accounting status inline-jflow' command.
    !!!WARNING!!! Don't make any inline jflow related config changes untill service resume.

    Clearing flow is initiated. Check status.

    admin@lab> show services accounting flow inline-jflow
    Flow information
    TFEB Slot: 0
    Flow Packets: 2724, Flow Bytes: 230652
    Active Flows: 0, Total Flows: 229
    Flows Exported: 203, Flow Packets Exported: 170
    Flows Inactive Timed Out: 19, Flows Active Timed Out: 206
    Total Flow Insert Count: 23
    IPv4 Flows:
    IPv4 Flow Packets: 2724, IPv4 Flow Bytes: 230652
    IPv4 Active Flows: 0, IPv4 Total Flows: 229
    IPv4 Flows Exported: 203, IPv4 Flow Packets exported: 170
    IPv4 Flows Inactive Timed Out: 19, IPv4 Flows Active Timed Out: 206
    IPv4 Flow Insert Count: 23