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Default route tracking / failover MX204

  • 1.  Default route tracking / failover MX204

    Posted 01-24-2022 15:36
    I have a customer with 2 Data Centers with each having a connection to an ISP that is sending a full route table via eBGP. They would like to use a static default route to direct traffic from their campus out to the internet via one of the DCs. They want  DC1 to be preferred and DC2 to be secondary / backup. Is there a good way to set DC1 as preferred if using a static default route that allows for failover to DC2 should the DC1 link go down? 

    If anyone is able to help provide config examples it'd be greatly appreciated since Its been quite a while since I've worked on juniper so looking for some guidance. I plan to lab it up in EVE NG once I get partner access and can download images.  Attached is a high level topology, with campus sitting at the bottom by their prod-fw.inet.

    Mark Paniwozik