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EVPN vrf-target export ## deprecated

  • 1.  EVPN vrf-target export ## deprecated

    Posted 12-17-2021 05:39
    After a customer has upgraded has upgraded a QFX, the below has shown up:

    evpn {
    encapsulation vxlan;
    vni-options {
    vni 10055 {
    vrf-target export target:1:10055; ## Warning: 'export' is deprecated
    vni 10056 {
    vrf-target export target:1:10056; ## Warning: 'export' is deprecated

    I can't seem to find anything on this. Does this mean the configuration is having no effect and therefore being ignored? There have been no reports of issues. 

    Also, how should specific VNI RTs be configured now?

    Thanks for looking.