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Question on Northstar when a PCReq message is received from PCC(non-Juniper)

  • 1.  Question on Northstar when a PCReq message is received from PCC(non-Juniper)

    Posted 05-01-2021 16:38
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    hi All, 
    I have been studying the Juniper documentation for Northstar features and understand that it supports RFC8231 ( Stateful PCE and LSP delegation ) and RFC8281( LSP initiation) and is built on RFC8664 and RFC5440 (i.e. it supports all mechanisms mentioned in the two RFCs) . But I have a question on the basic PCReq/PCReply mechanism . 
    My scenario is below 
    I have a non Juniper device working as a PCC and I am setting up a PCC controlled RSVP LSP whose ERO ( computed path ) needs to be provided by the PCE . I can have the PCE setup as a passive stateful i.e. let the PCE know about the LSP but want PCC only to control it with CSPF done by the PCE. This is required in a multi-area/multi-domain scenario. 
    However, when I configure the RSVP tunnel on the PCC ( non juniper device ) , I see that the PCRequest is sent from the PCC but I dont see any PCReply coming from the Northstar . .
    My topology is correctly discovered by the PCE and it knows all the links and nodes ( network is running ospf ) via BGP-LS .  PCEP session is up with RSVP and SR capabilities exchanged successfully between the PCC and Northstar. 

    Can someone please guide me if there is a way to achieve this or if I am missing something in the setting up the Northstar . 
    I have also attached a capture file for PCEP messages between PCC( in the capture) and Northstar ( in the capture).