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  • 1.  Networking Operations Experience

    Posted 02-12-2021 13:23

    Thanks again to all of you who completed our recent survey to help Juniper understand your unique interests and needs in a networking operations experience, specifically, the experience of planning, deploying, and managing the infrastructure.

    This topic was identified by members as one you would like to dig into in our discussions. Please feel free to share any thoughts related to this topic – Juniper, other vendors, and/or within the technology industry in general. Here are a few questions for you to consider in your response to this topic:

    • What is most important to you and/or your organization in a networking operations experience? Why are these important? How do these provide value?
    • How would you define a networking operations experience that successfully meets or exceeds you and/or your organization's expectations?
    • If your networking operations experience could have one thing, or several things, (no idea too big or too small) what would it/they be and why?

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  • 2.  RE: Networking Operations Experience

    Posted 02-12-2021 16:21
    Most Important:  Ease of deployment, even when not automated.  Specifically, for a junior technician to be able to follow a short set of instructions and get a device from out of the box to deployed in a matter of minutes without automation.    We don't have a lot of IT members, and are spread out across the country.  We need non-technical staff to help out at times, especially in emergency replacement scenarios.

    Meets expectations:  Need setup/upgrades to be flawless and easy.    Sometimes it seems like firmware upgrades only break things that weren't broken before.

    One thing:  Easily accessible instructions online - want to be able to find simple instructions on how to do almost anything with the devices without having to contact support.