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A network slicing model to faciliate easy adoption of network slicing

  • 1.  A network slicing model to faciliate easy adoption of network slicing

    Posted 10-16-2020 12:51

    Hi All, 


    Two weeks ago, Colby and the team presented an early overview of Juniper’s model driven Network Slicing approach.  The proposal creates a transport technology agnostic definition of a Network Slice. 


    A network slice is defined as:

    + slice-definition

    |    + data-plane-indicator …

    |    + control-plane-resources …

    |    + data-plane-resources …

    |    + customized-slice-topology …


    Some of the benefits of the Juniper solution include: 

    • A consistent view of the Slice definition to all participating devices
    • Link-State protocol (IGPs, BGP-LS) extensions to distribute the slice definition
    • A Slice-Aware TE toolkit to realize strict guarantee requirements
    • Slice Aware TE path placement with priority based admission control and preemption
    • Per Slice Per Hop Behaviors based on Slice identification
    • Several deployment options, that customers can incrementally adopt in their network for smooth transition

    In the next session we will begin to delve into the details of each component that make up the solution.

    Please look for a calendar invite from me.