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  • 1.  SRX-Juniper Secure Connect - LDAP

    Posted 05-18-2021 14:40
    hello Folks 

    any body did integration between ldap and juniper srx ( juniper secure connect - dynamic vpn ) 

    Please share configuration example if you have :) 

    Mohammad R.

    Mohammad Rummaneh

  • 2.  RE: SRX-Juniper Secure Connect - LDAP

    Posted 09-19-2021 23:07

    # create an access profile
    edit access profile JSC-RA-PROFILE

    set authentication-order ldap

    # use an existing address pool
    set address-assignment RAS-POOL1

    # reset the values for windowsdomain companyname and local approriately for your windows domain
    set ldap-options base-distinguished-name DC=windowsdomain,DC=companyname,DC=local

    # gotta have this line as is
    set ldap-options search search-filter sAMAccountNAme=

    # create a non-admin account to authenticate users. make sure you have CN correct for this user
    # if you think there may be (or may not be) a space in the CN - use ADSI (inside the windows administrative tools)
    # to make sure you have it correct
    set ldap-options search admin-search distinguished-name CN=VPNAuth,CN=Users,DC=windowsdomain,DC=companyname,DC=local

    # password for VPNAuth
    set ldap-options search admin-search password "MyPasswordInWindowsForVPNAuth"

    # server(s) ip address(es)
    set ldap-server port 389

    have a nice day!