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REST APIs for Network Director operations

Hi All, I was searching whether Network Director provides any REST APIs for operations which it supports through its GUI interfaces such as "Creating and Managing Overlay Fabrics" or "Creating and Managing Tenants". I checked its documentations but cannot find anything related to...

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Use hostname and routing-instance as variables

Hi all, Trying to create a configlet that will allow me push some config based on hostname and routing-instance name. So this is a 2 part configlet that I'm trying to get together. Ex: Hostname: NA-B-COMPANY-PE or NA-C-COMPANY-RI or NA-C-COMPANY-RR1 (I have all) ...

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FAQ: Junos Space Security Director Logging API reference

Overview Junos Space Security Director, when used with Log Collector, provides the additional capabilities of analytics based on system log messages (syslogs). This document describes the REST end points exposed for querying information from logs as aggregated data and searches on logs. All...

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FAQ: How do you upgrade AI-Scripts?

Question How do you upgrade AI-Scripts? Answer To upgrade up to AI-Scripts Release 4.1R9 and earlier, follow the steps below: Install the newer version of the AI-Scripts using the request system scripts add < package name > CLI command. Verify that the AI-Scripts are...

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How do you delete an AI-Script from a device?

Question How do you delete an AI-Script from a device? Answer You can delete AI-Scripts from the device in the following ways: NOTE : We recommend that configuration of AI-Scripts Release 5.0R1.0 and later be deleted from a device by using Junos Space Service Now as Service Now calls...

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How big is a JMB?

Question How big is a JMB? Answer The size of a JMB depends mainly on the large attachment files it carries, such as logs and device configuration file. For more information about contents of a JMB, see AI-Scripts Feature Guide . #JunosSpace #ai-scripts #serviceautomation #FAQ

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What do AI-Scripts do?

Question What do AI-Scripts do? Answer AI-Scripts: React to specific incident events that occur on devices and provide relevant information about the problems for analysis Periodically collect data on events that can be used to predict and prevent risks in the future. Package...

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What is inside a JMB?

Question What is inside a JMB? Answer A JMB is a XML file that contains the following information: Manifest—basic router and event data Trend data—device counters, statistics, and settings Attachments—A list of attachment files associated with the JMB The attachments include...