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Certificates based IPSEC VPN tunnel not coming up

Hi guys, I've been strugling a few days with an issue with a new certificate based VPN tunnel I need to set up but I can't get it work. On my side the gateway is a Juniper SRX300 standalone while on the peer's side the device is a Cisco ASA (don't know model or software version). I have...

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What version of X.509 certificates are supported (V1 or V3)?

Question What version of X.509 certificates are supported (V1 or V3)? Answer Juniper Networks supports both versions of X.509 certificates. However, you must use V3 if you want to use the SubjectAlternativeName extension field for a non-DN (distinguished name) Internet Key Exchange (IKE)...

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Dynamic VPN SRX240 and MS Exchange SSL Certificate Issue

Hi juniper community, I'm new in configuring juniper devices. I use the 240 srx (version 12.1X44.4) first time. The cli syntax works good for me and I'm almost done with my configuration. There is only one issue with a MS-Exchange 2007 OWA certificate. I configured dynamic-vpn policy based,...