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Q in VNI and overlapping vlans in a evpn/vxlan ip fabric - is this configuration supposed to work?!

Hello, we have bought a few QFX5120 switches, Our company is going to offer colocation in our new datacenter, and I intend to use evpn with vxlan in this setup. I will not route any customer traffic on my switches, because I/they will do all routing externally. Therefor, each customer...

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L2circuit with QinQ

Hi All I have a problem about L2circuit with QinQ. I will connect from one switch of A to another switch of B via L2circuit with QinQ After referred to this website's example. Still it always is shown no outgoing label. Neighbor: Interface ...

7252E33B-4BBF-4998-844D-81377E396B63-1-L2curcuit sample.rtf

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QinQ on J series

Hello all! Can J series router directly terminate QinQ traffic on interface with flexible-vlan-tagging option? I have try to create QinQ on ES3528M switch but monitor interface shows me only errors on interface, no packets. When i have monitored same wire with tcpdump - i have seen correct...