Hannu Rokka


I'm a senior advisor with almost 30 years of experience in enterprise and service provider network and security services.

I started my career at Digital Equipment Corporation in the early '90s as a young network engineer. Later worked as presales and leading IT infrastructure consultant for years, Co-founded successful Managed Security Service Provider early 2000 until 2013. After the acquisition, I was responsible for a Telecom B2B business as Senior Vice President (mobile & fixed & VAS) for six years. Finally, 2019 got back to roots as an entrepreneur.

After all the possible roles, my favorite is presales engineering. I have always been a man between high business pressure and technology, just like my favorite musician Jeff Beck between Rock and Jazz.  

Other personal interests are maritime archeology and scuba diving. Did you know that we have 1500 - 1700 century wooden wrecks in Finland?