Eric Van Tol


I have been working with Juniper Networks equipment since 2001, getting my feet wet with an M5 router. Since then, my company has installed several models of M, MX, EX, and SRX devices in our network, as well as equipment from other vendors. I have JNCIS-SP, JNCIS-SEC, and JNCIS-ENT certifications currently and will begin studying for my JNCIP soon. I have been with my current employer, Atlantech Online, since 1999 and have helped turn our company from a three PoP ISP that served dialup, DSL, and T1s, into a region-wide DWDM and MPLS network with more than 100 lit buildings and two fully-staffed datacenters. My purpose on J-Net is to both learn from those with more experience, as well as try to help anyone who might be troubled with the same questions I had in my earlier years working with Juniper equipment.