Christian Scholz (chsjuniper)



Christian Scholz is a Senior Consultant for Networking & Security at Telonic, focusing exclusively on Juniper Products. He has over a decade of networking experience.

Christian holds over 17! Juniper Certifications and loves to share his knowledge with others. “Juniper is not just a job, it’s my hobby,” Christian says.

Christian started to work in the IT industry in 2008. He was able to finish his apprenticeship at the Company QITS after only 2 years and in 2015, took his career to the next level by joining Dimension Data (now NTT), an Elite Juniper Partner. While on the job for various big companies in retail and construction, he got more and more excited about the potential that Juniper products offer to customers. By working to improve his expertise every day, he was able to earn his professional certifications there, gaining more and more knowledge. In 2018 he moved to Telonic, a Juniper Elite Partner near his Home-Town where he got his first Expert - the JNCIE-SEC in July 2018.

Since Juniper is also his hobby (he runs his very own DataCenter next to his house), many of his friends joke that he must have a gold-contract with the electricity department. Others go partying while Christian installs iBGP between the living room and the kitchen—because he really enjoys it. Also, he likes to take long walks with his wife and meeting the family and friends.

Christian is the Expert when it comes to building Labs and PoC's (Hardware and Virtual). He actively contributes to the Software-Lab-Solutions like EVE-NG and is always up for the next challenge to prove how awesome Juniper equipment is.