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  • Hello, My loopback interface has many IP addresses because it is BRAS. I want to use OSPF for PWHT on MX router. in case I add my lo0.0 address all IP addresses are announced to neighbors but I need only one. Can you please tell what the correct method ...

  • Hi all, We've got a wholesale provider who hands customer traffic over on multiple vlans (one:one customer to VLAN) per interface. Currently adding groups of these with a script to a small handful of bridge domains in Service Provider style on the MX ...

  • Hello! Im preparing for JNCIE-SP and got a question regarding ldp-tunneling over rsvp. we have 2 LDP islands. each island has 4 ldp routers, connected in a ring fashion. Routers have a ldp route to other routers in the same island, but not the remote ...

  • it happens to the best engineers jaja, happy to help. Thanks Gabriel FV ------------------------------ GABRIEL FLORES ------------------------------

  • Oh of course! I am so stupid aha! Thank you I knew i missed something. I havent tested yet but you are right, will do it tonight. Thank you so much ------------------------------ William Roullier ------------------------------

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