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  • The process "jdhcpd" generates this message in the syslog. ------------------------------ SIBRECHT MINJAUW ------------------------------

  • Thanks Jonas. There is no process mentioned in the syslog messages of "network_pkt_is_micro_bfd " Please find hereunder the complete message. It looks like a bug to me as there is no bfd configured, also not on the neighbours. CPU / Performance : PID ...

  • Hi all, Let say if my topology like this CE1 ---> PE1 ---> PE2 --> PE3 --> IGW----> Upstream. My objective is to hidden the ip interface between PE1 to PE3 when CPE do traceroute. In other word similar like method on disable icmp-tunneling "***" ...

  • Be aware that flowd is meant to take up all available CPU on core 1 where all management etc. runs on core 0 (SRX300 has two cores, 0+1). Too see how loaded flowd actually is, you need to look at " show security monitoring performance spu " which gives ...

  • Dear Juniper-lovers, We would like to implement DDOS protection by sending the flows to a probe. After several hours of trial, still not able to send traffic to the probe. The interfaces are in a logical system. There are Juniper documents but none are ...


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