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  • I have a confusion with policers applied in inet and inet6 families and the contracted BW of a subscriber. If I apply policer for each family, do each family have the BW defined in the policers ? I mean, if I configure policers of 300MB for each families, ...

  • Hi, i think this is expected, the routes you are leaking from inet.0 to the virtual-router are not part of an OSPF neighborship, therefore OSPF would not export the routes automatically, even when they are from "protocol OSPF". your approach seems ...

  • root# show routing-options rib-groups fbf-group { import-rib [ inet.0 to-asa.inet.0 ]; } ri-asa_to_ri-inet0 { import-rib [ to-asa.inet.0 inet.0 ]; } ​ root> show ospf database OSPF database, Area Type ID Adv ...

  • Hi , can you share the below output . configuration of this rib group : ri-asa_to_ri-inet0​ fbf-group​ >show ospf database -Regards Sharanya

  • Hello! I have SRX240H2. There is virtual router instanse: root# show routing-instances to-asa { instance-type virtual-router; interface ge-0/0/0.0; routing-options { interface-routes { rib-group inet fbf-group; ...


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