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  • Hi Benni, 1) Let us know the procedure you followed for j-web installation. You might have missed any step. Example: may not have enabled the j-web knob: set system services web-management http 2) EX3300 and EX3400 are different platforms. Hence ...

  • Sounds like something is corrupted either hardware or software. Try the process again after a shutdown and clean startup. Not a reboot but a full power off. If it still occurs, I would save a copy of of the configuration and then zeroize the device ...

  • Looks like the configuration was added to force particular configure modes must be used thus preventing normal multi user configuration mode. The options are configure private configure exclusive ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET ...

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    EX3300 Strange Behavior

    Hello friends, before I start with my actual problem, I should mention that I have 3 x EX3400 as a virtual chassis in production environment for almost 2 years (3?), so I'd say I have at least some experience in handling Juniper switches. We recently ...

  • Hello Ankur! I can confirm that I am logged in as root when I try to configure the password. I'm also trying to make this configuration change over the console port if that makes a difference. Thanks! ------------------------------ JOHN HIGH ----- ...


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