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  • Hi all, Kindly need anyone advise whether we can make Windows 2019 as DHCP Server on Carrier Grade Network for IPOE BNG. Let say i have subscriber around 50k. If Windows Server is not capable is there any cheap method such as Linux that also need GUI. ...

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    I have the following, is the default route supposed to be advertised to the eBGP peer ? root@vMX3# run show route exact inet.0: 37 destinations, 58 routes (37 active, 0 holddown, 2 hidden) + = Active Route, - = Last Active, ...

  • Dear Community, I have a serious and urgent query , my srx is connected through ospf (p2p) with my junos qfx primary and secondary both have same equal metrics. Whenever we run a trace from srx it always show traffic routed from secondary qfx and when ...

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    VRRP Setup

    Hello, Given the following setup: R1---------- VRRP1 ----------- R2 | | | | ---------VRRP2 ------------------ How can I configure ...

  • So this points to the recommended approach of upgrading NG-RE, "request vmhost software......". Does this answer your query for this thread? to answer the second question, "set b" is basically a backup to your existing (in use) partition, and in a perfect ...


  • Nominations open for the 2021 Juniper Elevate Awards

    The annual Juniper Elevate Awards honor customers who use Juniper solutions to deliver amazing experiences for their businesses, customers, and the world. We welcome nominations from customers, partners (featuring a customer), and employees.

    Routing is a hot topic in many of the awards categories!

    How do participating customers and partners benefit?

    • Public recognition for their achievements
    • 1:1 interaction between customers/partners and Juniper sales/executives
    • Global visibility via success story, press, website, social media
    • Peer networking opportunities
    • A fun, virtual awards ceremony in November
    • Brag-worthy trophy for honorees


    Nominations close June 15… submit yours now.

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