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  • Got it. Thanks Ravi!

  • Hi The TC bit will be set by the root for a period of max_age + forward_delay seconds, which is 20+15=35 seconds by default. This result into all the downstream bridged reducing their mac age out timer to 15 seconds.

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    STP port priority

    Hello everyone. From observing transmitted BPDUs, I've noticed that Junos switches increment advertised port priorities by 1. For example, if I leave port priorities alone, they are set to the default value of 128 i.e. 0x80. When I observe the BPDU ...

  • Hi everyone. Happy new year! I had an question about the TC bit advertised in a Root Bridge's STP BPDU. I know that when the Root Bridge receives a TCN BPDU, it starts setting the TC bit in its config BPDUs to inform all the switches that there's ...

  • Hi, I think VSTP should work in this case. The switch will run spanning-tree instance separately for each vlan configured similar to pvst. Lets take example ae1, ae2. You have to enable ae1 as part of VSTP vlan 10,20,30 and ae2 as part of vlan 40,50,60. ...


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