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  • Hi EK.H, Noted. But in my situation is MX480. One more thing, may i know how u do packet capture in MC-LAG environment? Coz in MC-LAG it will use family bridge. Also when u use MC-LAG on MX is there any MTU decrease by automatically due to family ...

  • Hi kronicklez , There is no mentioning about usage of dynamic or static routing protocols, so it should be applied to both and you need to configure each member of MC-LAG separately with routing configuration. Here is an example: QFX1 set interfaces ...

  • Hi all, Below is my topology: FW ---> L2-Switch ---> (ge-0/0/0) MX104 (ge-0/0/1) ----> L2-Switch ---> Upstream. Based on topology above is it possible to do packet capture on MX104 without using analyzer . I want to capture traffic in/out on ge-0/0/0 ...

  • Hi E.K.H, Based on url that u given, the caveat below referring to IGP right? So if from CE just have default route/static and from MC-LAG have default/static to CE then it should have no issue right? "Note Here are some caveats with configuring ...

  • Hi all, Currently my setup as below. Between CE --> MX i'm just use default MTU. When i change setup using family bridge on MX480 (irb.70) then i cannot ping when do command " ping CE-IP-ADRESS size 1500". But when i change on MX480 using interface ...


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