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  • Is this the only interface with issues on this device? Elvin

  • a. You may try to clean-up files manually, if possible, also if there is some unneeded files in the file system. b. For practice, this is easily done in virtual devices, using EVE-NG with the trial images for vQFX and vMX. Regards, Elvin

  • Yes, that's the reason to use a loopback, but I'm specifically asking why Juniper documentation recommends the use of a configuration group to configure the interface rather than configure the interface directly (edit interfaces lo0). Thanks for the ...

  • Thank you for this extensive answer. It is very helpful. I'll give it a try but i see that i might have to upgrade Junos version first. regards ------------------------------ DEJAN TEPIC ------------------------------

  • so that's what I was missing ..... :-( merci beaucoup Smicker. Michel ------------------------------ Michel Lapointe ------------------------------


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    Juniper is driving a company-wide initiative to further enhance our customers’ experience. Please tell us how we’re doing via a quick video that will be used for internal Juniper viewing only--none of it will be shared publicly!

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    Use your phone or laptop. It should take about 5-10 minutes, and you can review and re-record any segment at the click of a button. 

    Thank you in advance!