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  • Hi F1ght3r, thank you so much for your explanations! Fortunately I will soon have four EX3300-24P for testing purposes in my lab, so I will try a Junos OS upgrade the way you described. And I will gladly report about it here. :-) Greets Stephan Edit: ...

  • Hi all, I'm familiar with the 'duplicate-protection' statement to prevent multiple clients to connect with the same MAC address. However, it occasionally happens that at least two clients connect (or where two pppoe sessions establish) with the same ...

  • Hello, I've got a short question about traffic on an ethernet trunk link. On a MX204 edge router we've got multiple ENNI's with each a few hundred VLANs configured on them. Each VLAN represents a specific customer where we receive traffic from our ENNI ...

  • I'd guess that the link did not flap. I've generally had to see the link flap during mtu change events. If it happens again try disable and enable the port. ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador IP Architect - DQE ...

  • good point, Steve - I'll give it a try on my EX. What is your call , though, on the rollback not restablishing the communication ? Thanks, Michel ------------------------------ Michel Lapointe ------------------------------


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