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    RE: SRX345 21.4R1.12

    Hello again Figured it out. rest-api is not a defined system service under host-inbound-traffic system-services. Needed to change from all to any-service . Any ideas why? Could not find a note on the guide linked above and in Security Zones ...

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    SRX345 21.4R1.12

    Hello community I would like to query some data from a SRX345 via REST API, but can't get it to run and am getting desperate. I tried all possible variations under system services rest (also https). # show system services rest | display set set system ...

  • The general process for what you want is as follows. The gateway ip address moves from a physical interface to a virtual one vlan.#. <<<< chosen unit number with the family inet address which seems currently on your ge-0/0/2 interface All the interfaces ...

  • Adding the "junoscript" to "allow-commands" statement authorizes the "xml-mode netconf need-trailer" command in newer Junos versions required for establishing the NETCONF session. Tested with 18.4R3-S2 and 19.4R2.6. In addition, one has to extend the ...

  • Hi There! I recently received a 24 port gig-e XPIM for my SRX650. I have been having troubles implementing it into the network. My goal is to have it function as part of the Users zone which is also available on ge/0/0/2 and just have it function as ...

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