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  • Hi vlara, thank you so much and yes that is correct for the tunnel ipsec-vpn-stvpn . Your illustration is great, I'll use this in further posts to give a better overview of the topology. But my problem is that I can not get any traffic to VDSL VR ...

  • I am assuming your working VPN is ipsec-vpn-stvpn . Since this is a policy based VPN, the only traffic that is allowed is between and . That would explain why you can access one VR but not the other. I am ...

  • So far in the configuration for routing only vr3 has a connection to your dsl virtual router. If you want to access vr1 & vf1 from the remote connection to the dsl virtual router: Create a routing path to them either via another logical tunnel ...

  • Hey Spuluka, sorry for being inaccurate haha, the issue was the missing intra-zone policy which I didn't create because it did not make sense to me. Anyway it's working really good for now only accessing the other VR´s through an established VPN tunnel ...

  • Sorry, that I'm having trouble understanding the topology. And I guess I don't understand the question. Looking at the config the only internal connection between the virtual routers I see is the one between vr3 and dsl via the logical tunnel. ...


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