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  • That's right, If you want to filter inbound and outbound you need to apply the filter in both directions.

  • thanks so so so so much for your explanation in such a depth way. I save this in my study notes. So if you want to filter inbound and outbound, I have to apply to both inbound and outbound filters, right ?

  • Look at it this way: If you apply the filter inbound on irb.181, you have a filter in the direction of traffic A => B that only allows traffic with a combination of ALLOWED SOURCES/ALLOWED DESTINATION. There is no filter in the ...

  • Hello cdoyle Any of this option have worked - replace-ip-source-with - DHCP Relay Proxy My workaround was to setup IPv6 global address on PE interface facing my SRX, then when SRX send message DHCPv6 SOLICIT, my PE relay to DHCPv6 server with source ...

  • Hi everyone, To get us started in the new community, I wanted to share some helpful tips on how to use Elevate over the next few weeks. So I am launching a tip of the week series! Where I will be sharing highlights of the new community every week. To ...

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