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  • I want to create a VPN tunnel between sites. To explain my current network configuration please see the attached diagram. Site A has a Juniper firewall SRX345 with a public IP address, and site B has a 4G broadband router with a private IP address. ...

  • Hello, I understand that hubs need to be suggesters, but if you have 2 hubs that you want to interconnect such that they can be redundant suggesters and also connect to each other, is that possible? Each hub has 2 ISP connections and there are multiple ...

  • Hello, I want layer 2 traffic tagged with a 802.1q tag 100 to pass through the SRX transparently towards the device that has its layer 3 gateway IP address configured, is this possible? I am aware I can create an IRB interface and put ports into vlans, ...

  • Thank you @kronicklez ! ​ ------------------------------

  • Hi, It as per design. You cannot change. Thanks


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