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  • So does vlan-id 0 mean not a VLAN at all? Sort of like means any? For the moment, I placed an unmanaged switch downstream from two ports and then connected my single connection with both VLAN and non-VLAN to that and it worked, but I'd like ...

  • Hello, Please see image for an idea of what I am trying to do, but I will do my best to explain it below as well. I set up 2 SRX 1500's in a chassis cluster. I added physical ports to logical link reth1. The ports for reth1 are connected to an ex3300 ...

  • Give this one a try. ge-0/0/11 { description test; vlan-tagging; unit 0 { vlan-id 0; family inet { address; } } unit 2 { vlan-id 99; family inet { address ...

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  • I tried that, now I get the error: 'unit 1' VLAN-ID must be specified on tagged ethernet interfaces ​

  • Hello, Yes it's technically possible. You should enable Vlan Tagging on ge-0/0/11 before. ge-0/0/11 { vlan-tagging } ------------------------------ WYA ABU ------------------------------


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