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  • See attached abbreviated config. Thank you!!!

  • Hi Salvatore, This is a known issue. See

  • how is the traffic selector within the security ipsec config set up? When connected via the VPN, what is the local hosts (PC not SRX) route table look like?

  • I have Juniper Secure Connect (JSC) set up on my SRX300 with 21.2R1.10 It works well, except, when when someone connects, they can no longer access the Internet (i.e or whatever is your favorite web site) while the vpn tunnel is up. ...

  • The SRX does not directly support 2FA but Duo does have an application that can work with the SRX RADIUS configuration and perform the function. The SRX side is just using RADIUS instead of local and your local users are then on the Duo app as a self ...

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