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  • the "snmp interface" command limits inbound snap requests to an interface. this is useful for a management interface. if the traffic in in-band, you can filter source addresses to snap on the firewall filter applied to the loopback interface. ------------------------------ ...

  • I'm in the process of hardening my SRX firewall in my environment and I'm required to limit the ability to poll via SNMP to loopback interface only. I was able to create a client list to limit only requests coming from my monitoring server. I also have ...

  • Hello, on MX104 you cannot see the power usage. The similar command for MX104 is: show chassis environment pem But with this command, you can just see the Voltage on this platform. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ If my ...

  • Hi, I have an MX104 for which I want to see the current power usage. It seems the command show chassis power doesn't work on MX104. Is there any other way I can find out the current usage from the CLI? --- JUNOS 17.3R3-S2.2 built 2018-11-07 01:06:28 ...

  • Hi F1ght3r, thank you so much for your explanations! Fortunately I will soon have four EX3300-24P for testing purposes in my lab, so I will try a Junos OS upgrade the way you described. And I will gladly report about it here. :-) Greets Stephan Edit: ...


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