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  • Hello, I can't find this info anywhere else, so I'll try it here. I currently have 3 QFX routers running dual PS powered by 120vac mains. I want to migrate the power from 120vac to 240vac without interrupting the service. My question is, can I move 1 ...

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    collapsed spine

    I running a collapsed spine environment into two qfx5120-ym switches, in this we have L3 multihomed irb interfaces. When testing failover during a reboot of one of the switches an outage for irb interfaces of 10-16 seconds occure. Is there a way to ...

  • I did more tests to find they are the same. I can configure L3 gateway on the spine node (L3 GW).

  • I have the following topology: When I use vXLAN as data plane, I can configure L3 gateway on a L3 Gateway router, but when I use mpls as data plane, I could not. Seems I have to configure irb interface on L2 gateways. Is that true ? thanks !!

  • If I need two vni to use the same vrf-target, can I do the following? set routing-instances evpn1 protocols evpn vni-options vni 11 vrf-target target:11:12 set routing-instances evpn1 protocols evpn vni-options vni 12 vrf-target target:11:12 ​ When ...

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