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  • Hi, Based on your output it look like core dump created. So u need to open JTAC case. Jan 26 21:44:13 LCC: ch_srxtvp_ha_failover_on_coredump: srxpfe coredump started Thanks

  • Dear community, yesterday we have upgraded SRX1500 cluster in our production environment to new SW version using Juniper instructions on upgrading cluster with minimal downtime ( Article ID: KB17947 ). Upgrade was done from version 15.1X49-D150.2 ...

  • If I am reading your connection string of devices correctly the SRX is only connected to a WiFi router and the Avaya stack is only connected to a WiFi bridge extender. And it sounds like you are looking for link redundancy So redundant links would ...

  • Can you pull the session information with both rules so we can see the difference in action. Use the ip address of your test system in source-prefix show security flow session source-prefix 100.64.81.#/32 ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET ...

  • I am on an SRX300 with 15.x . I have an Avaya cluster of switches on the network. That cluster of switches has a failover to each unit, much like the chassis cluster of the srx series. I'm in an environment where it is a bit hostile in that I have an ...


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