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  • This will setup a Junos device to send traces off the box as well as keeping a local copy . I'm just doing a little updated from https://nextheader.net/2016/05/13/sending-junos-traceoptions-to-a-syslog-server/ just to fill in a few details.. Step ...

  • The switch is sending output to the MICRO usb console port.. If its newer code it should finally boot and you will see console access over the rj45 port..

  • I unboxed my switch and plugged in the power cable, but my sitch didn't run, I connected to it via console cable and I saw this in Terminal Can anyone help me please ?! May be someone knows about this problem???

  • Hi Everyone! I recently created a video on the control and data planes, with a Juniper perspective. It covers the basic concepts, as well as the RE and PFE. I hope you find this useful! https://youtu.be/9MWUih0qWUc YouTube ...

  • Hi There, Don't rule out that the ISP's might be engineering the traffic. We've experienced this problem a number of times and it can be a bear to track down. For us, even though the proper addresses and routes are advertised (confirmed with ISP and ...


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